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Love Lyzardz – Music Duo

Reign Diamonds: Lead Vocals and Violin

Johnny Saffire: Acoustic Guitar and Vocals


Love Lyzardz is a San Francisco based music duo whose eclectic style is an intrepid synthesis of the traditional and modern. It is an eccentric blend of rock, pop, folk, blues, psychedelic and classical music that is hauntingly beautiful and steeped in rapt contemplation.

Inspired by the counterculture wars of the psychedelic 60’s and the take no prisoners attitude of the punk and hard rock 80's, the “Love Lyzardz” art first approach to music seeks to revive an era of music that was free from corporate control, so that artistic creativity is free to flourish and rock music can reemerge unbridled as the popular music trend.

After performing for the past three years in and around the San Francisco Bay Area, Los Angeles and Phoenix. The “Love Lyzardz” released its first four-song demo in the summer of 2017 which coincidentally, aligned with the 50th Anniversary of the 1960’s Summer of Love. In the summer of 2018 the Love Lyzardz filmed, produced and released its first full length music video and later that year were featured in Voyage Phoenix an online life styles magazine. Click here for the interview MEET LOVE LYZARDZ . On November 29, 2018 the Love Lyzardz released their first official single "Winds of War" which is available on iTunes, Spotify, Apple Music, Pandora, Amazon, Google Play, Tidal, iHeartRadio, YouTube and Deezer and are currently recording material for their first album American Doll.


In addition to their original music, “Love Lyzardz” also play and perform a long list of cover songs in various styles and genres. There full set approximately three hours long includes beautifully played romantic instrumentals that are perfect for engagement parties and weddings, while their unique interpretation of classic rock and pop favorites are enchanting, entertaining and fun. Perfect for company, corporate and private parties, bar mitzvahs, art galleries and special events.


As their name implies, the "Love Lyzardz" natural chameleons they are, are capable of tailoring their style, presentation and performance to meet your events specific needs, and will perform wherever they are invited to play. The ensemble, consisting of guitar, vocals and violin requires little space to set up, and a minimal amount of musical equipment to perform. Microphones and a P.A. can be provided if needed.

 To book “Love Lyzardz” at your next concert, show or special event, please contact Love Lyzardz at



Love Lyzardz Music

P.O. Box 420035

San Francisco, CA. 94102


Love Lyzardz Music Videos

Can't Help Falling In Love - Acoustic Instrumental

Promotional Video

Our Story:

The "Love Lyzardz" story begins in October 2014 when lead vocalist and violinist Reign Diamonds accepted a casual invitation to jam from guitarist and songwriter Johnny Saffire. These jam sessions produced several beautiful new songs and a songwriting team was formed. After many long hours rehearsing their musical style, image and philosophy began to take shape and the “Love Lyzardz” music duo was born.

Our Mission:

In a world void of an all-inclusive music industry, the “Love Lyzardz” are determined to forge a path to success by creating music that resonates with the human condition and reflects the life and times in which we live good and bad.

Like their style, the Love Lyzardz sound was wrought from many experimental jam sessions in various older music traditions, in the process, becoming not just a unique sound, but an expression of artistic integrity, high fashion and poetic philosophy.

Rebellious, revolutionary and unapologetic, the Love Lyzardz are poised to ascend to bold new heights as they seek to rescue music and fashion from the mundane ness of corporate America.

Our Philosophy:

 In a world made up of divergent customs and beliefs where values often clash, music unites people of different cultural backgrounds in a happy, healthy manner. Music, dance and poetry are divine gifts from God. They emit a mysterious power over our emotions and when they are allowed to help shape our society, the world is a better place.

​“Music gives soul to the universe, wings to the mind, flight to the imagination”. - Plato​

Love Lyzardz

Johnny Saffire

Johnny Saffire aka Haji Hollyrock began his music career in Beaumont, Texas over 30 years ago, writing his own songs and playing music professionally by the time he was 17 years old. After high school, Saffire moved to Austin, Texas, where he spent the next four years cutting his chops in Austin’s early 80’s punk rock music scene playing punk power pop with his band “Human Drama” in now legendary clubs like Raul’s, Club Foot and the Continental Club. After leaving Austin, Saffire moved to San Francisco where he joined forces with the notorious Alin Black in “Our Lady of Pain” while playing simultaneously in “A3I” a punk band that included former members of San Francisco bad boys “Bad Posture” and one time Flipper front man Will Shatter. Shortly after exiting “A3I” and following the Pain’s demise, Johnny spent the next year playing in Joe Mama a rock-rap band of gypsies known for its funky vibe and groovy rock riffs. Next, Saffire rejoined Alin Black to form the scandalous SF Dogs, a glam-slam rock outfit with an unhealthy penchant for wine, women and song, more women, more wine and more song. After the Dogs disbanded, Johnny once again recruited drummer B.O.B (Shiva Dancing, Joe Mama and SF Dogs to form the “Merchants of Chaos”, a rock rap metal monster that spewed political conspiracy theories ten years before they were news. M.O.C. became “The Kill” after rap renegade Brad left and Jax joined the band. After”The Kill” disbanded Saffire did a short stint with “The Lipstick Killers”, another glam slam outfit that included guitarist and front man Dirty Al Duncan who toured briefly with "The Johnny Thunder’s Band” (New York Dolls) in the mid to late 80’s Saffire then took a much-needed break from music to write his first novel the “Lipstick Killerz” under the pseudonym Dez Del Rio.  Soon thereafter, Saffire was recruited by Hollywood’s “Middle Finger Mob” for a one-off gig opening for Hollywood’s Pretty Boy Floyd and Sweden’s Crash Diet at the Key Club in Hollywood. After MFM disbanded, Saffire began work on his second book however, when a casual invitation to jam evolved into an exciting new music project “Love Lyzardz” featuring Reign Diamonds was born.

Introducing Reign Diamonds:

Reign grew up in a small sleepy town in the suburbs of New Jersey. It’s the kind of place people don’t dream of becoming musicians, much less models or rock stars. In spite of her subdued surroundings, Reign began taking piano lessons when she was five years old however, finding herself more attracted to stringed instruments and the soulful lyrical sounds they produced. She began studying and playing violin in school when she was 8 years old and later took private lessons with Mary Babiarz a professional violinist and member of the New Jersey Symphony, throughout middle school. Reign played violin in the school orchestra until she graduated high school then studied Baroque music her senior year at Mills College in Oakland, CA.  After graduating from Mills, Reign moved in with her family in San Francisco where she studied jazz and blues violin with Michelle Walther an active performer; having performed with symphony orchestras, Ian Anderson (Jethro Tull) Gloria Estefan, Tangonero and many more. Reign was encouraged to take singing lessons when her sister Lizzy (an active recording artist and performer) heard her singing in their apartment one day, so began taking voice lesson with her sister’s former teacher Richard Jennings. Sometime later, Reign began seeking out other musicians to work with. One night after work during a conversation about music, a casual invitation to jam was extended by Johnny Saffire aka Haji Hollyrock a professional guitarist and local legend on the San Francisco music scene. Out of their collaboration, the “Love Lyzardz” was born.  Reign, a trained classical violinist, overtime, has been able to add elements of country, rock, blues, and jazz to her playing, further enriching her own personal style.

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