Love Lyzardz is a west coast music duo whose eclectic style is an adventurous synthesis of the traditional and the modern. It is an eccentric blend of indie/alternative rock that is hauntingly beautiful and steeped in poetic contemplation. A reflection of both the beauty and tragedy that is the modern world.

Waving their freak flag high over the streets of San Francisco, they embrace the City's distinguished musical history and strive to embody its commitment to creative excellence. Choosing to define what San Francisco means to them rather than be labeled. They rock like God and love like Jesus. The fog that sometimes blankets the city by the bay always fades beneath the warmth of the rising sun revealing both her calamity and her majesty.

The Love Lyzardz are currently seeking representation and live performance opportunities.


To book the Love Lyzardz contact Love Lyzardz Music at info@lovelyzardz.com


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