Nostalgia rock recording artist Love Lyzardz is a west coast based music duo whose eclectic style is an adventurous synthesis of the traditional and the modern. It is an eccentric blend of classic rock genres that is sometimes hauntingly beautiful, sometimes radically aggressive and always steeped in poetic contemplation. In a world obsessed with the present, Love Lyzardz write and play music designed to honor the past and inspire the future. Our goal is to create an escape from reality by recreating the nostalgia that makes you feel alive. Let us take you on a walk down memory lane; to the moments your heart longs to embrace and your feelings love to visit. Music excites us and ignites our memories of the past. They hug us and comfort us and make us feel loved. It is here we are younger, happier and carefree.

The Love Lyzardz are currently seeking representation and live performance opportunities.


To book the Love Lyzardz contact Love Lyzardz Music at info@lovelyzardz.com


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"Dear Prudence"


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San Francisco, California United States

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