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The Love Lyzardz (pronounced: Li-Zards), are an American band who play a modern version of classic rock music.

Fueled by an ambition for creativity and individuality. They appeal to those who love classic rock music as well as those who enjoy the thrill of discovering the unexplored sounds of new music. Get to know the artists behind the music and check out the latest recordings, media, and more.



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The great thing about digital recording is the unlimited number of tracks you are able to record. However, keeping track of all those takes can be overwhelming to say the least. Whether you’re recording at home or professionally, using a track sheet is a great way to keep track of your sessions and keep them organized.

Track sheets are printed forms that allow you to log basic session data for each of your recorded tracks, such as what instrument, take and performance you liked best. However, all that paper work comes with its own set of problems. Now, keeping track of your track sheets is something you don’t have to worry about any more.

  • No more, clip boards on the console or loose pages to store. Keep your recording sessions organized and permanently stored in this handsome 125-page high quality- 8.5 x 11” notebook.

  • Document session information and keep detailed records for all of your recording projects

  • Use our session log to list individual tracks and takes for all the instruments in your recording sessions and keep detailed notes on all your takes.

  • Designed by a studio musician for musicians, suitable for professional and home studio use.

  • Makes the perfect gift for any home studio owner, musician, engineer or producer.

Our single "California" dropped on May 28, 2021. If what you need is to add a little summer fun to your day this song is for you. So turn it up and let the good times roll.

The Singles

Winds of War Cover Art
Dear Prudence Cover 3000 x 3000.png
Til The Wheels Fall Off Cover.png
Love Lyzardz New Single California

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