Love Lyzardz is a San Francisco based music duo whose eclectic style is an adventurous synthesis of the traditional and modern. It is an eccentric blend of rock, pop, folk, blues, psychedelic and classical music that is hauntingly beautiful and steeped in poetic contemplation. A reflection of both the beauty and irony that is the modern world.

Inspired by the counterculture wars of the psychedelic 60’s and the take no prisoners attitude of the punk rock 80's, the “Love Lyzardz” art first approach to music seeks to revive an era of music that was free of corporatism, so that artistic creativity is free to flourish and rock music can reemerge unbridled and with the integrity and popularity it once enjoyed.

The Love Lyzardz are currently seeking representation and live performance opportunities.


To book the Love Lyzardz contact Love Lyzardz Music at info@lovelyzardz.com


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