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Welcome to the New Rock Music Revolution

What I hear most from people who love music is how much music today sucks. What I hear most from people who love rock n’ roll is that rock n’ roll is dead. If you watch any establishment programming, like the Grammy’s, MTV Music Awards, Billboard Music Awards, American Music Awards etc., that would seem to be the case. However, what I have discovered is rock n roll is not dead, it just went underground, where it started. There are many new rock n roll bands out there playing great rock n’ roll music, they just don’t have any representation and people who love rock n’ roll don’t have a platform where they can discover new rock music. There is no rock scene to be a part of and nowhere to go if you want to see new rock bands strut their stuff. Therefore, to do our part to alleviate this problem, what we are proposing is the creation of a virtual rock music scene we call the “NEW ROCK MUSIC REVOLUTION” which initially, will consist of a Spotify playlist where you can find new rock music. This playlist will be updated with new music as it is discovered or recommended and we hope to eventually build a community around this endeavor, whose mission it is to reintroduce hard rock music to the public at large and eventually reignite an authentic live music scene for rock n roll bands to play in. You can download Spotify for free, to your phone or desktop computer. It’s free to listen with commercials or without with a premium subscription. I don’t work for Spotify and don’t get paid by Spotify to do this. Although, I initially ignored streaming platforms like Spotify, once I discovered it, I realized that it is a great place to listen to and share music, old, new and in between. And while many of you might reject Spotify because it has been unfair to musicians, from a musician stand point it should be viewed as only one piece of a much larger puzzle and not the end all be all of your musical aspirations. However, we can’t do this without your help. It won’t thrive or survive unless you the fans and the bands actively participate. So, to that end, we are asking everyone who loves hard rock music to do their part to support the New Rock Music Revolution by joining our playlist. Prove to the mainstream media that rock n’ roll is alive and well and deserves a seat at the table.

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